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Ren Guangfu

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology



西安理工大学 印刷专业硕士;
华南理工大学 电子材料印刷 博士


Dr Von

Bachelor of Science, Peking University
Doctor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences




Shang Junsong

More than 6 years of experience in new optical material coating has a profound accumulation of various optical coating technology and production line technology. Now I am the vice President of Bundeling Technology.

Former founder of Julong Hi-tech Co., LTD., in charge of technology and supply chain, obtained 3 inventions and 4 practical patents.

Sun Xuya

西安理工大学 印刷专业硕士;

20 years of working experience in the consumer electronics industry -- continuous entrepreneurship in the fields of audio and video screens, communication equipment and electronic components, founded enterprises Tongju Optoelectronics and Julong Hi-tech Co., LTD., which supply enterprises such as Huawei and Foxconn.

Currently, I am the deputy general manager of Shenzhen Bondeling Finance Co., LTD., responsible for planning and coordinating the big client offering of new schemes, managing the use of funds and financing plans.

Familiar with touch screen manufacturing industry, master a large number of upstream and downstream resources.

I have a strong interest in the core materials of photoresist nano silver wire touch. I am willing to create a new era of touch control.

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